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glaive training notes 2016-02-23

This evening was our last glaive class of the year. We practiced reversing the glaive’s facing on contact with the enemy’s weapon and using the back of the blade and/or the handguard to hook and fling away their weapon, using a circular rowing motion. I’ve done this move before with a katana but it was much easier with a glaive because of the length of the lever arm; I felt like I had more control and didn’t have to expend as much focus to keep the back of the blade correctly aligned against the attacker’s weapon. The one thing that’s easier about the katana is that as the enemy’s weapon shifts towards and away from me, I don’t have to adjust my extension on the sword the way I have to with a polearm because, well, there’s not really anywhere to go with the katana except for where it is, range-wise.

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