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ninpo taijutsu training notes, 2016-02-22 2016-02-23

We drilled a form called hōteki, from the Kotō school. The attacker grabs my lapel with his left hand and punches at my face with his right. I counter-grab and strike his attacking hand at 10:30 with a left shutō. I turn my left palm so it faces me and grab over the top of his right wrist with the gap between thumb and forefinger. With my right hand I grab over his left elbow, pressing my thumb into the pressure point on the outside of his elbow, and push his arm down and off my clothing. I place the arm to my left with the same grip, then release my right hand, draw it back, and step forward, striking my right arm into the upper arm just past the elbow. It is important at this point to use my left hand to align his arm so the elbow points perpendicular to the ground, ensuring that the arm breaks (or, in practice, that he stumbles forward); it is easy to scoop under the arm by accident and merely lift it. Finally, I turn my body counter-clockwise to face the opposite direction from the way I originally faced, placing my right shoulder underneath the arm at the same point I struck. To finish the throw, I lock his left wrist with omote gyaku and pull it down to my right hip.

Variations we practiced included an offensive version with a right grab to the left wrist and a left shutō to the neck.

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