Race and Religion in Creative Consciousness

in ancient China they thought insects formed from condensation

seems legit

that might as well be the source of prayers
formed in absence of any kind of
organized religion in my brain

lightning arcs across the gray damp
chemicals rattle and fall into rows
for an instant I hold your image
like a rainbow, then it’s gone

on a grass blade somewhere
closer to you, the dew-spheres shake
roll and tumble downwards

but there’s a gap where the largest and warmest sat
she’s hatched now

the prayer’s wings uncrumple
like balled paper in a loosened fist
and her antennae stretch from spirals
into feathers, combed and stroked

and thirty thousand rays of desire
driven home like nails
awaken to color
and ultraviolet light
they’ll know you when they see you
you’re all there is to see

she leaps

wings batter the air at 85 Hz
blowing her like a kiss
this thing made of love and moisture
hunting your sleeping heart

she may not make it
but if she does
maybe she’ll leave one dream
about one moth better
or maybe you’ll wake up knowing

either way, I’ll take it
prayers are free
like poems
or moths

27 December 2014. For Jacqueline.